Daniel Toledo’s pre-fight interview

Daniel Toledo’s pre-fight interview

Toledo will face Attila Vegh at ACB 84’s main event on April 7th.


You've never had a doll fight. Both of your ACB fights were spectacular wars. Are you planning to do the same in your upcoming bout?
- This is my style! I always go for the knock out, I always push forward I always give it my everything... this will never change it doesn’t matter who my opponent is. 

You opponent has 4 times more fights than you. Do you think that experience will be a factor in this fight and if so, how are you planning to deal with that?
- Correct, he’s had 4 times the fights, 4 times the training camps 4 times the injuries and 4 times the fight experience, were the same age but I am still young In this game I am hungry.. the question is with all this experience is he as hungry as me? 

You'll fight Atilla in his homeland. Most of the fans there will be cheering for him. Will that have any affect on you? Is that something that gives you additional motivation or adds an extra pressure?
- I love this situation, I feed off of it, the opportunity to beat a great fighter in his house, it was the same situation in Grozny when I made my debut in ACB. I can’t wait for it in Bratislava. 

You've lost your last fight. But you're still fighting in the main event. Do you think they gave you this chance because of your exciting fighting style, which is now beloved by ACB and fighting fans?
- I don’t know exactly why ACB give me this opportunity, I see it as a present, a gift I will take full advantage of. After this fight Slovakia will know my name and all the fans will know my name and everyone in the division will know my name.

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