Interview with Daniel Toledo ahead of the ACB 74 tournament

Interview with Daniel Toledo ahead of the ACB 74 tournament

ACB 67 saw the impressive debut of Spain's own Daniel 'Jacare' Toledo with a performance that saw him finish the former title challenger, Muslim Makhmudov. 
The decisive fashion in which he finished Makhmudov caught the eyes of ACB's matchmaker and has now lined him up for a title eliminator showdown against ACB's former light-heavyweight champion and UFC veteran, Thiago Silva, in Vienna on November the 18th

'Jacare' gave Bryan Lacey his thoughts on his next fight and opponent.


Bryanl: After your impressive ACB debut you have earned a fight against out former champion and ex-UFC veteran Thiago Silva – What are your thoughts on him as an opponent?

Daniel: It is a great opportunity for me to show the world what I am cable of, I’m very happy to be fighting Thiago I can’t wait to face off against such an MMA Icon.


Bryanl: Do you see any weaknesses in his fighting stylke that you can exploit?

Daniel: Of course he has holes in his game, we are working on making them work for us in the fight.....but Shhhhh! That's my business.


Bryanl: If you get the win against the former champion you’ll likely have put yourself in to the number one contender spot for a shot at ACB gold. What would being ACB champion mean to you and your career?

Daniel: ACB gold is in my future, one of my dreams but right now all my focus is on Thiago.


Bryanl: What are your predictions for your fight against Silva?

Daniel: I don’t make predictions. I’m a fighter who always looks for the knock out.


Bryanl: Do you have a message for Thiago before you do battle?

Daniel: I respect Thiago a lot as a fighter and I am looking forward to fireworks in Austria.

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